Hebrew Baby Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Similiar Names
Aaliyah  female  Arabic, Hebrew  high exalted, to ascend  Aleah, Alea, Aleaseya, Aliya, Alia, Aleeya, Aliyah, Allyiah 
Aaron  male  Hebrew, Arabic  shining light, high mountain, messenger  Aron, Ahron, Arron 
Abbott  male  Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew  father  Abbot, Abba, Abbe, Absa 
Abdiel  male  Hebrew  servent of god  Abdia 
Abel  male  Hebrew, Assyrian  breath, child  Able, Abell, Abele, Ibila 
Abie  unisex  Hebrew  father or mother of many   
Abigail  female  Latin, Hebrew  head of a monastery, a father's joy  Abbey, Abbe, Abbie, Abby, Abagail, Abigayle, Abigale, Gail, Abilio, Abihail 
Abijah  male  Hebrew  The Lord is my father  Abia, Abbiah, Abiam 
Abira  female  Hebrew  strong   
Abner  male  Hebrew  father of light   
Abra  female  Hebrew  father of a multitude   
Abraham  male  Hebrew  father of a multitude  Abram, Avraham, Avram, Avrom, Abe, Abie, Abra, Ibrahim, Braham, Bram, Abramo, Abran, Abramio 
Abrasha  male  Hebrew  father   
Acacio  male  Hebrew  the Lord holds  Achazio 
Achazia  female  Hebrew  the Lord holds   
Ada  female  Teutonic, Hebrew  happy, ornament  Adah 
Adalia  female  Hebrew, Arabic, German  refuge of God, just, noble one   
Adam  male  Hebrew  earth, created by God  Adams, Adamson, Adie, Addie, Addy, Adan, Adem, Adamo, Adamah 
Adamina  female  Hebrew  dauggher of the earth   
Addai  male  Hebrew  man of god   
Addo  male  Teutonic, Hebrew  happy, ornament  Adah, Ado 
Adelaide  female  Hebrew, Latin  noble kind, adorned  Adalia, Adeline, Aline, Adele, Ellie, Addie, Elle, Adelle, Della, Adailia, Adalee, Adara, Adah, Eda, Etta, Ady, Adela, Adalheld 
Adena  female  Hebrew  delicate, sensual  Adina, Adinna, Adenna 
Aderes  female  Hebrew  one who protects   
Adie  female  Hebrew  ornament   
Adina  female  Hebrew  voluptous   
Adlai  male  Hebrew  my witness, refuge of god   
Adley  male  Hebrew  just   
Admon  male  Hebrew  red peony   
Adon  male  Hebrew  lord  Adone 
Agabo  male  Hebrew     
Ahab  male  Hebrew  uncle   
Ahava  female  Hebrew  name of a river, love   
Ahmik  male  Hebrew  strength of gods flock   
Ailsa  female  Hebrew  concecrated to god   
Aitan  male  Hebrew, African  fights of possession   
Akiva  female  Hebrew  protect   
Aliza  female  Hebrew  joyous   
Alumit  female  Hebrew  secret   
Amiel  male  Hebrew  god of my people   
Amissa  female  Hebrew  friend   
Amos  male  Hebrew  troubled   
Anke  female  Hebrew  grace  Anka 
Anne  female  Hebrew  gracious  Ann, Anna, Annis, Annys, Anya, Anja, Anika, Annika, Annie, Annice, Anita, Anca, Anneka, Annette, Ana, Anita, Annette, Nanette, Anitia, Anushka, Anuschka 
Araminta  female  Hebrew  lofty   
Arashel  female  Hebrew  strong and protected hill   
Ardon  male  Hebrew  bronze   
Arella  female  Hebrew  angel messenger   
Ari  male  Hebrew  lion  Aree 
Ariel  female  Hebrew  lioness of god  Arial, Aryel, Ario, Ari, Ariella, Ariela, Ariele, Arielle, Alli, Rel 
Armon  male  Hebrew  castle   
Arnon  male  Hebrew  rushing stream   
Asa  male  Hebrew  healer   
Asenette  female  Hebrew     
Asenka  female  Hebrew  graceful   
Ashamed  female  Hebrew    Ashes 
Asher  male  Hebrew  fortunate, lucky, blessed, happy  Asser, Ashe, Ashbel, Anschel 
Asisa  female  Hebrew  ripe   
Astera  female  Hebrew  flower name   
Atara  female  Hebrew  a crown   
Athalia  female  Hindu, Hebrew  God is exalted, the lord is mighty   
Aviva  female  Hebrew  springtime  Avital, Avi, Avia, Avivah 
Axel  male  Hebrew, Swedish  divine reward; divine source of life  Axtel 
Ayala  female  Hebrew  gazelle, goat   
Ayla  female  Hebrew  oak tree   
Azalia  female  Hebrew  spared by jehovah  Azaria 
Bara  female  Hebrew  to choose   
Barabas  male  Hebrew  Barabba   
Barnabas  male  Hebrew  son of prophecy  Barnaby, Barney, Barnie, Barn 
Bartholomew  male  Hebrew  furrow, hill  Barth, Bart, Barthol, Bartel, Bartlett, Bartley, Barton, Bertol, Bartold, Bat, Bart, Tholy, Tolly, Bartolomeo, Parlan 
Baruch  male  Hebrew  blessed   
Basha  female  Hebrew, Greek, Polish  daughter of God, stranger   
Bathsheba  female  Hebrew  daughter of the oath  Batsheva, Bathshua, Batya, Basia, Basya, Sheba 
Benjamin  male  Hebrew  son of my right hand  Benji, Benjie, Bennie, Benny, Ben, Beniamino 
Benson  male  English, Hebrew  Ben's son, excellent son  Bensen 
Beryl  male  Hebrew  dazzling jewel  Bijou 
Beth  female  Hebrew  house of god  Elizabeth, Betty 
Bethany  female  Hebrew  house  Bethanie, Betheny, Bethesda, Bethel, Beth, Annie, Bethannie 
Bina  female  Hindu, Hebrew  a musical instrument, intelligence   
Bracha  female  Hebrew  a blessing   
Brighton  male  Hebrew  the one who is loved  Bright, Brie 
Britt  male  Hebrew  the helpful one   
Buffy  female  Hebrew  God's promise   
Cain  male  Hebrew  craftsman  Kain, Caino, Caine 
Caleb  unisex  Hebrew  bold, dog  Cale, Cal, Kalin 
Carmen  female  Hebrew, Latin  garden, field of fruit, song  Carmel, Karmen, Karmel, Carmelita, Karmelita, Carmelle, Karmelle, Carmine, Carmita 
Chaika  male  Hebrew  life   
Chaim  male  Hebrew  life  Cahyim, Cahyyam, Haim, Haym, Cahya 
Chanah  female  Hebrew  grace   
Chaya  female  Hebrew  life   
Daba  female  Hebrew  kind words, bee swarm   
Dagan  male  Hebrew  grain or corn   
Dalia  female  Hebrew  a branch, to draw water  Dahlia 
Damaris  female  Greek, Hebrew  heifer  Maris 
Daniel  male  Hebrew  my judge is the Lord  Danny, Daniele, Danielus, Dan, Danni, Daniels, Danilo, Danil 
Daniela  female  Hebrew  my judge is the Lord  Dania, Danett, Dannett, Danet, Danielle, Danelle, Nelle, Nelly, Dana, Danae, Danna, Daniella, Danice, Danya, Danita, Dada 
Dara  female  Hebrew, Persian  compassion, wisdom, angel of rains and rivers   
Davan  female  Hebrew  beloved one  Davida 
David  male  Hebrew  beloved one  Dave, Davey, Davy, Davie, Davi, Davyd, Davis, Davidson, Dawes, Dawson, Dewi, Dewey, Devlin, Dabney 
Davine  female  Hebrew  the loved  Davina, Davita 
Daya  female  Hebrew  bird   
Dayla  female  Hebrew  to draw water, branch or bough   
Deborah  female  Hebrew  a bee, to speak kind words  Debra, Debrah, Debbie, Debby, Deb, Debo, Devora, Devorah 
Delilah  female  Hebrew  delicate, amorous  Delila, Lila, Lilah 
Dena  female  Hebrew, Native American  vindicated, valley  Denna 
Dinah  female  Hebrew  vindicated, judgement  Dina, Deena, Deanna 
Doron  male  Hebrew  gift   
Dov  male  Hebrew  bear   
Eban  male  Hebrew  stone  Ebenezer, Eben 
Eden  unisex  Hebrew  delightful, adornment, paradise  Edie, Eddy, Eddie, Edan 
Edna  female  Hebrew  pleasure, delight   
Edria  female  Hebrew  mighty   
Eilis  female  Hebrew, Celtic  God's oath   
Eisig  male  Hebrew  he who laughs   
Eleora  female  Hebrew  the lord is my light   
Eli  male  Hebrew  elevation   
Elijah  male  Hebrew  Jehovah is god  Elias, Ellis, Eliha, Elyas, Ellison, Ellsworth, Ellys, Ilya, Ilja, Eliakim, Elia, Eli 
Eliot  male  Hebrew  hight  Eli, Ely, Elliot, Elliott, Eliott 
Elisabeth  female  Hebrew/Germanic  God's oath  Elizabeth, Ellyzabeth, Elise, Elyse, Elysia, Eliza, Beth, Bess, Liz, Lizzy, Elsa, Elsie, Elpeth, Elsbeth, Lisbeth, Lizzie, Liza, Ellie, Bess, Betty, Bette, Bettie, Betsy, Aliza, Arlise, Arlisa, Libby, Isabel, Isabelle, Isabella, Ilse 
Elisha  female  Hebrew  Jehovah is god  Elisheba 
Elkan  male  Hebrew  he belongs to god   
Ellen  female  Hebrew  light, mercy  Ellyn, Elen, Elyn, Ellin, Elin, Elena 
Else  female  Hebrew  concecrated to god   
Emanuel  male  Hebrew  god is with us  Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Immanuel, Imanuel, Manuel, Manny 
Emanuela  female  Hebrew  god is with us  Emmanuella, Manuella 
Emmuna  female  Hebrew     
Endora  female  Hebrew  fountain   
Ephraim  male  Hebrew  very fruitful  Efrem, Ephrem 
Erzsebet  female  Hebrew  devoted to God   
Ethan  male  Hebrew/Latin  strong, firm, constant  Ethen, Etan 
Ethel  male  Hebrew  noble  Adele, Ethelred, Ethelbert 
Eva  female  Hebrew  life  Evacsa, Ewa, Eve, Evette, Evie, Evita, Evonne, Evy, Ev, Ava 
Evelina  female  Hebrew  lifegiving   
Ezekiel  male  Hebrew  strength of God  Ezekyel 
Ezio  male  Hebrew  friend, lover  Azio 
Ezra  male  Hebrew  helper, salvation  Ezer, Ezri, Ezzret 
Gabai  male  Hebrew  delight, adornment   
Gabriel  male  Hebrew  God is my strength  Gabe, Gabino, Gabryel, Gabriello, Gavrila, Gabby, Gab, Gable 
Gabrielle  female  Hebrew  God is my strength  Gabby, Gabriela, Gabbryela, Gabi, Gabriella, Gaby, Gavrila, Gavra, Galia, Galya, Gabi 
Gali  female  Hebrew  spring, fountain   
Galya  female  Hebrew  God is redeemed   
Gana  female  Hebrew  garden   
Genesis  unisex  Hebrew  origin   
Geva  female  Hebrew  hill   
Gideon  male  Hebrew  mighty warrior  Giddy, Gid 
Gilana  female  Hebrew  joy   
Hadara  female  Hebrew  bedecked in beauty   
Hadassa  female  Hebrew  flowering myrtle  Hadasa, Hadaseh 
Hali  female  Greek, Hebrew  sea; necklace, place name   
Hana  female  Japanese, Hebrew  flower, blossom; fower, graceful, merciful   
Hannah  female  Hebrew  grace of God  Hana, Hanna 
Hanne  female  Hebrew  gracious   
Hava  female  Hebrew  life   
Heba  female  Hebrew  gift from God   
Hedia  female  Hebrew  voice of the Lord  Hedya 
Hedva  female  Hebrew  joy   
Ideh  female  Hebrew  praise   
Ilana  female  Hebrew  sunshine  Iyana, Lana, Ana, Ilani 
Isaac  male  Hebrew  laughing one   
Isaac  male  Hebrew  he will laugh  Ike 
Isaiah  male  Hebrew  salvation of the Lord   
Israel  male  Hebrew  prince of God, may God reign   
Itzak  male  Hebrew  laughter  Jitzak 
Iva  female  Hebrew, Japanese  God's great gift, yew tree   
Ivana  female  Hebrew  God is gracious   
Jacob  male  Hebrew  held by the heel  Jacques, Jake, Jeb, Jock, Jacobe, Iacob, Iacobe, Jakob 
Jacqueline  female  Hebrew  supplanter  Jamie, Jacobienne, Jaclyn, Jackie, Jaclyn, Jacky, Jacki 
Jada  female  Hebrew  wise   
Jael  female  Hebrew  to ascend   
Jaen  female  Hebrew  ostrich   
Jamee  female  Hebrew  supplanter, one who replaces  Jamie, Jaimee, Jaimy, Jayme, Jamie, Jaymie, Jay 
James  male  Hebrew  supplanter  Seamus, Jaime, Jamie, Jim, Jimmy 
Jane  female  Hebrew  gracious, merciful, God is gracious  Shana, Sheena, Shona, Sian, Jana, Jean, Jeanette, Jeanne, Jeannie, Jeanie, Jeanise, Jeanita, Janice, Janine, Janet, Janae, Jan, Gianna 
Janna  female  Hebrew  flourishing   
Jardena  female  Hebrew  to flow downward   
Jared  male  Hebrew  one who rules  Jarett, Jarrett 
Jarlath  male  Hebrew  a tributary lord   
Jaron  male  Hebrew  to cry out, singing  Yaron 
Jedidiah  male  Hebrew  beloved of the Lord   
Jensine  female  Hebrew  God is gracious  Jensyn, Jensi, Jeni 
Jeremiah  male  Hebrew  exalted of the Lord   
Jeremy  male  Hebrew  God will uplift, appointed by God   
Jesse  male  Hebrew  wealthy   
Jessica  female  Hebrew  God's grace  Jessicka, Jessykah, Jess, Jesse, Jessy, Jessie 
Jesus  male  Hebrew  God will help   
Jezebel  female  Hebrew  follower of idols   
Jezreel  female  Hebrew    Jez 
Joakim  male  Hebrew  the Lord will judge  Joachim, Jochen, Johann 
Joakima  female  Hebrew  the Lord will judge  Joan, Joannie, Joann 
Joanne  female  Hebrew  God is gracious  Joan, Joann, Joanna, Johanna, Giovanna, Juanita, Juaniqua, Johanne, Joas, Jurnel, Joetta, Shawna 
Jobey  female  Hebrew  persecuted   
Jobina  female  Hebrew  the persecuted   
Joel  male  Hebrew  God is willing, Jehova is the Lord   
Joelle  female  Hebrew  the Lord is willing   
Joelliane  female  Hebrew  Jehova is God   
John  male  Hebrew  God is merciful  John, Jonny, Johnny, Jonathan, Juan, Shane, Sean, Jack, Ian, Iain, Ivan, Iwan 
Jonah  male  Hebrew  a dove   
Jonathan  male  Hebrew  God gives   
Jonina  female  Hebrew  dove  Jonna 
Jora  female  Hebrew  autumn rain   
Jordan  male  Hebrew  to descend, to flow   
Jordane  female  Hebrew  descendant, flowing down  Jordana, Jori, Jordyn, Jordene, Jordann 
Jorgen  male  Hebrew  farmer  Jürgen 
Joseph  male  Hebrew  God will increase  Jose, Joey, Josef, Ioseph, Iosef, Giuseppe, Joe, Sepp, Joseph, Joze, Yusuf 
Josephine  female  Hebrew  God will increase  Josefina, Josephina, Giuseppina, Jody, Josie 
Joshua  male  Hebrew  Jehova saves  Josh 
Josiah  male  Hebrew  fire of the Lord   
Judd  male  Hebrew  praised   
Jude  male  Hebrew  praise   
Judith  female  Hebrew  praise, admired  Jude, Judit, Judy 
Justin  male  Hebrew  just, true   
Justine  female  Hebrew, Latin  just, true  Justina, Giustina 
Kabos  male  Hebrew  swindler   
Kadisha  female  Hebrew  holy  Kadischa, Kadiza 
Kalanit  female  Hebrew  flower name   
Kaniel  male  Hebrew  stalk, reed   
Kayla  female  Hebrew  crown of laurels  Kaila, Kaylynn, Kailyn, Kaylene, Kaylah, Kayln, Kay 
Kazia  female  Hebrew  plant with cinnamon-like bark   
Kefira  female  Hebrew  young lioness   
Kenan  male  Hebrew  possession   
Keturah  female  Hebrew  fragrance   
Ketzia  female  Hebrew  surface, cinnamon-like bark   
Kezia  female  Hebrew  cassia, cinnamon  Keesha, Keziah, Ketzia, Kezzy, Keisha, Keishia, Keshia, Lakeisha 
Label  male  Hebrew  lion   
Lailie  female  Hebrew  born during light   
Lazarus  male  Hebrew  God's help  Lazre, Lazar, Lazaro, Laszlo, El'azar, Lázár 
Leah  female  Hebrew, Greek, Assyrian  cow, weary one; glad tidings; mistress, ruler  Lea, Lia, Liah, Lee, Leatrice 
Ledah  female  Hebrew  birth   
Lemuel  male  Hebrew  devoted to God, beloging to God   
Leshem  male  Hebrew  precious stone   
Levi  male  Hebrew  united  Lev 
Lexine  female  Hebrew  helper and defender of mankind   
Lia  female  Hebrew  dependence   
Lilith  female  Sumerian, Assyrian, Hebrew  ghost; storm goddess; spirit of the night  Lilyth, Lily 
Lisa  female  Hebrew  consecrated to God  Lisette, Lisetta, Liza 
Madeline  female  Hebrew  woman from Magdala, one who is elevated, a high tower  Marlene, Magdalene, Magdalen, Magdalena, Maigarena, Mayalen, Madeleine, Madleen, Madalynn, Madelynne, Madelaine, Madalena, Madelon, Madelyn, Madlin, Madigan, Marleen, Marlena, Marline, Maighdlin, Maudlin, Malina, Magda, Mady, Maddy, Maddie, Matty, Mala, Mae, May, Lena, Lene, Madeline,Magdaline, Maddalena 
Magda  female  Hebrew  high tower one who is elevated   
Magena  female  Native American, Hebrew  the coming moon; a covering, protection   
Mahala  female  Native American, Hebrew, Arabic  woman; tenderness; marrow  Mahalah, Mahalar, Mahela, Mahalia, Mahelia, Mehala 
Mahalia  female  Hebrew  affection   
Malachi  male  Hebrew  messenger of God  Malachy, Malachai 
Malca  female  Hebrew  queen  Malka 
Malina  female  Hebrew, Hindu  tower, dark  Malini 
Malka  female  Hebrew  queen   
Mangena  female  Hebrew  melody   
Maria  female  Hebrew  bitter  Mary, Marya, Mariah, Marie, Malia, Ri, Mar 
Mariasha  female  Egyptian, Hebrew  perfect one; bitter, with sorrow   
Maridel  female  Hebrew  bitter  Meridel 
Mariel  female  Hebrew  bitter  Marielle, Mariella, Marietta, Mariette, Marette, Maretta 
Marilyn  female  Hebrew  bitter  Mary-Lynn, Maralin, Marilin, Marylin, Marlyn, Marlin, Marly, Mari, Lynn 
Mario  male  Hebrew  bitter, king-ruler  Marius, Marion 
Marion  unisex  Hebrew  bitter  Mariano, Mariana 
Marna  female  Hebrew  rejoice  Marnie, Marni, Marny, Marnette, Marne 
Marnina  female  Hebrew  cause of joy   
Mary  female  Hebrew  bitter  Mari, Merry, Marie, Maria, Miriam, Marian, Mame, Mamie, Maymie, Mayme, May, Mally, Molly, Polly, Mara, Maretta, Marel, Marella, Maren, Marlo, Mariette, Marieta, Meriel, Mimi, Minette, Minnie, Minny, Mitzi, Madonna, Marilla, Marla, Marya, Muriel, Manon, Manette, Marija, Marika, Maire, Mare, Marquita, Maure, Mairin, Mair, Maura, Maureen, Moira, Moire, Moya, Muire, Masha, Mairi, Mariya, Mashia, Mash, Mariath 
Matai  male  Hebrew  gift of God  Matteo, Matthäus, Mateus, Mateo, Matthew, Matthias, Matias, Matia, Mattias, Matze, Mathew, Mathias, Matthias, Mattieu, Matheu, Matyus, Matthuas, Mathern, Mayhew, Mattheson, Matthieson, Matthews, Mattheus, Mathe, Mattison, Massey, Matt, Matty, Mats, Máté, Mátyás 
Mathea  female  Hebrew  gift of God  Matthea, Mathia, Mattea, Mathia 
May  female  Hebrew  bitter  Mae, Mai, Maia, Maya, Maye, Mayes, Mays, Maize 
Mayer  male  German, Latin, Hebrew  farmer; greater; bringer of light  Meyer, Meir, Meier, Mayr, Myer, Mayor, Myerson 
Mehetabel  male  Hebrew  favoured by God, God is doing good  Mehitabel, Mehitabelle, Metabel, Hetty, Hitty 
Meira  female  Hebrew  light   
Mendel  male  Hebrew, Middle English  wisdom; repairer  Mel, Mendelssohn, Menachem, Menahem 
Michael  male  Hebrew  who is like God  Michail, Mikhail, Mikas, Mikel, Michel, Miguel, Michelangelo, Micah, Michiel, Micha, Mischa, Mitchell, Mitch, Michau, Mikkel, Michel, Michele, Mihon, Mikhos, Mihal, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Mike, Mikey, Mickie, Midge, Mihály, Mikó 
Michaela  female  Hebrew  like God  Michaelina, Michaeline, Michelina, Micaela, Mikaela, Miguela, Michelle, Nichelle, Shelly, Shell, Michal, Micheline, Michelyn, Mickey, Mikhaeli, Mikaeli 
Mihaly  male  Hebrew  who is like God?   
Minna  female  Old German, Scottish, Hebrew  love; mother; bitterness  Mina, Minette, Minetta, Minda, Myna, Mindy 
Mira  female  Latin, Spanish; Hebrew  wonder; aim; light of God  Myra, Mirila, Mirella, Mirelle, Mirielle, Myrilla 
Miriam  female  Hebrew  bitter  Miryam, Myriam, Mimi, Mitzi, Miri, Mims, Mimsie, Meryem, Mirjam, Mirem 
Mordecai  male  Hebrew  warrior  Mordechai, Mort, Mordy, Morty 
Moria  female  Hebrew  my teacher is God  Moriah, Moriel, Morit, Moryah 
Moselle  female  Hebrew  taken from water  Mozelle, Mosheh 
Moses  male  Hebrew, Egyptian, Greek  saved; child; taken from water  Mose, Moe, Mosya, Moey, Moss, Moshe, Moishe, Mosheh, Moyes, Moyse 
Nachmanke  male  Hebrew  compassionate one, one who comforts   
Nadav  male  Hebrew  nobel, a generous one   
Nancy  female  Hebrew  full of grace  Nancee, Nansey, Nansee, Nana, Nanny, Nan, Nanette, Nannette, Nanine, Nanice, Nance 
Nanna  female  Hebrew  graceful one   
Naomi  female  Hebrew, Japanese  pleasent one; above all, beauty  Naoma, Noami, Mimi, Mimsy, Mims, Nomi, Omie 
Nataniella  female  Hebrew  gift of God  Natanielle, Nathania, Natania, Nathanielle 
Nathaniel  male  Hebrew  gift of God  Nathanael, Nathan, Nataniel, Natan, Nate, Nat, Natty 
Naysa  female  Hebrew  miracle of God   
Nediva  female  Hebrew  noble and generous   
Nehemiah  male  Hebrew  God's compassion  Nemiah 
Neria  female  Hebrew  lamp of God, angel   
Netta  female  Hebrew  A plant or shrub   
Nina  female  Spanish, Hebrew  girl; grace  Ninya, Ninette, Ninon 
Nira  female  Hebrew  of the loom   
Nirel  male  Hebrew  God's field  Niriel, Niria, Nira, Nir, Nyree 
Nisi  unisex  Hebrew  emblem   
Nitzana  female  Hebrew  blossom   
Noadiah  male  Hebrew  God assembles   
Noah  male  Hebrew  comfort, wanderer  Noa, Noe, Noach, Noel, Noam 
Obadiah  male  Hebrew  servant of God  Obed, Obie, Obe 
Odelia  female  Old German; Hebrew  little wealthy one; praise God  Odella, Odelinda, Odilia, Odelette 
Odera  female  Hebrew  plough   
Omar  male  Arabic, Hebrew, German  first son, disciple; gifted speaker; famous  Omer 
Oralia  female  Latin, Hebrew  golden; light  Orel, Orelda, Oriole, Orlene, Orlena, Orpah, Oralee, Oralie, Oral, Ora, Orah, Oria, Orlie, Orly, Orabel 
Oran  male  Gaelic, Hebrew  pale one; pine  Orin, Orren, Oren, Orran, Orrin, Oram, Orrie 
Oren  male  Hebrew, Gaelic  ash-tree, pale; pine tree   
Osaze  male  Hebrew  favoured by God   
Osborne  male  Hebrew  soldier of God   
Oz  male  Hebrew  strength  Ozzy, Ozzie 
Palti  male  Hebrew  my escape   
Pazia  female  Hebrew  golden   
Penina  female  Hebrew  jewel, coral  Peninah, Peninna, Peninit, Penny, Peni, Nina 
Rachel  female  Hebrew  little lamb, an ewe, one with purity  Rachael, Raychel, Rachele, Rah'zell, Rahel, Raquel, Ray, Shelley, Shelly, Shellie, Chelle, Chellie 
Rahab  female  Hebrew     
Raizel  female  Hebrew  rose  Rayzel, Razel 
Ranen  male  Hebrew  joyous   
Raphael  male  Hebrew  healed by God  Rafael, Rafaelle, Rafaello, Rafe, Rafer, Rafi, Raff, Raph, Rafferty, Rafal 
Raphaella  female  Hebrew  healed by God  Rafaella 
Ravid  male  Hebrew  wander   
Rayna  female  Hebrew  pure, clean   
Rebecca  female  Hebrew  bound, tied  Rebekah, Rebeckah, Rebeccah, Rebeca, Rebeka, Rebeque, Rebekka, Rebakah, Rebequa, Becky, Bekki, Becca, Becha, Becka, Riba, Reba, Riva, Reeba, Ree, Rivka, Rifka, Rivca, Rivy 
Rena  female  Greek, Hebrew  peace; joyous song   
Reuben  male  Hebrew  behold, a son  Rube, Ruben, Reubin, Rubin, Reuven, Reuby, Ben, Benny 
Reuel  male  Hebrew  friend of God   
Rishon  male  Hebrew  first   
Rishona  female  Hebrew  first   
Rizpah  female  Hebrew  coal, burning coal  Ritzpa 
Roni  male  Hebrew  shout for joy, my song of joy   
Ruben  male  Hebrew  beholf of a son   
Ruth  female  Hebrew  compassionate friend  Ruthie, Ruthanne 
Sabra  female  Arabic, Hebrew  thorny cactus; to rest   
Sachiel  male  Hebrew  angel of water   
Sagiv  male  Hebrew  mighty, with strength   
Saloma  female  Hebrew  peace  Salome 
Saloman  male  Hebrew  peaceful  Salomi, Solomon, Schlomo, Shlomo, Soloman, Salomon, Salmon, Sholem, Shalom, Solom, Salamon 
Sam  male  Hebrew  to hear   
Samara  female  Hebrew, Latin  mountain, outlook, ruled by God, guarded by God; seedling   
Samicah  female  Hebrew    Samika 
Samson  male  Hebrew  like the sun, his ministry  Sampson, Sanson, Sansone, Sam, Sammy 
Samuel  male  Hebrew  his name is God  Samuele, Samuelson, Samelle, Sam, Sammy, Sammie, Shemuel, Schmuel, Shem 
Samuela  female  Hebrew  her name is God  Samuella, Samella 
Sarah  female  Hebrew  princess  Sara, Sari, Sarri, Sary, Sarrie, Sarene, Sarina, Sarine, Sarita, Sairne, Sarett, Sadie, Sadey, Zarah, Zara, Zaria 
Sarai  female  Hebrew  quarrelsome   
Sarea  female  Hebrew  name of an angel   
Saul  male  Hebrew  asked for  Sol, Sauly, Solly 
Seff  male  Hebrew  a wolf   
Sela  female  Hebrew  a rock   
Seraphim  male  Hebrew  burning ones, angels, ardent   
Seraphina  female  Hebrew  afire, angel, seraph  Serafina, Sarafina, Serafine, Seraphine, Seraphim, Sera 
Seth  male  Hebrew  appointed one  Sethia 
Shaine  female  Hebrew  beautiful  Shaina, Shaynah, Shanie, Shayna, Shay, Shanna, Shana 
Shalom  female  Hebrew  peace   
Sharon  female  Hebrew  princess  Shari, Sharee, Shara, Sharen, Sharyn, Sharron, Charon, Sharry, Sherry, Sherri 
Shawn  female  Hebrew  God is gracious  Shaunna, Shaun 
Sheba  female  Hebrew  from Sheba   
Shelah  female  Hebrew  request   
Shira  female  Hebrew  song  Shirah, Shiri 
Shobi  female  Hebrew  glorious   
Shoshannah  female  Hebrew  rose  Shoshanna, Shoshana, Shoshanah, Shosha 
Shulamith  female  Hebrew  peaceful  Shulamit 
Simon  male  Hebrew  he who hears  Simeon, Siomonn, Sim, Shimon, Semjén 
Simone  female  Hebrew  one who hears  Simona 
Sivan  male  Hebrew  the ninth month   
Susan  female  Hebrew  lily  Susannah, Susanne, Susanna, Susi, Suse, Suisan, Suzanne, Suzanna, Sosana, Susette, Suzette, Sue Anne, Sue Ellen, Susy, Susie, Soos, Suzy, Suzie, Soozie, Sue, Sukie, Sukey, Zsa Zsa 
Sydelle  female  Hebrew  princess   
Tabitha  female  Greek, Hebrew  gazelle, roe-buck  Tabatha, Tabbie, Tabbi, Tabby 
Talia  female  Hebrew, Greek, Australian Aboriginal  dew from heaven, blooming, near water  Talya, Tally, Tai, Talitha 
Talman  male  Hebrew  to injure, to oppress   
Tamara  female  Hebrew, Sanskrit  palm tree, spice  Tamarah, Tamar, Tamarind, Tamika, Tamary 
Tammy  female  Hebrew  perfect one  Tammie 
Tapanga  female  African, Hebrew  sweet, unpredictable  Tata, Pangi 
Tema  female  Hebrew  righteous, a palm tree   
Teman  male  Hebrew  right hand, south   
Temani  male  Hebrew  of Teman   
Temina  female  Hebrew  honest   
Temira  female  Hebrew     
Thirza  female  Hebrew  sweet-natured, cypress tree  Thyrza, Tirza, Tyrza 
Timur  male  Hebrew, Hungarian, Turkish  iron  Tomor, Tömör 
Tirza  female  Hebrew     
Tivon  male  Hebrew  lover of nature   
Tivona  female  Hebrew  lover of nature   
Tobias  male  Hebrew  God is good  Tobia, Tobiah, Toby, Tobit, Tobin, Tova, Tobey, Tóbiás 
Tobit  female  Hebrew     
Tove  female  Hebrew  good   
Tovi  male  Hebrew  good   
Tuvya  male  Hebrew     
Tzuriel  male  Hebrew     
Udeh  male  Hebrew  praise   
Uehudah  male  Hebrew     
Uma  female  Hebrew, Hindu, Japanese  nation, mother, horse   
Uri  male  Hebrew  light  Urie 
Uriah  unisex  Hebrew  God is light  Uria 
Uriel  male  Hebrew  light of God  Uriell 
Varda  female  Hebrew  rose   
Ximena  female  Hebrew     
Yachne  female  Hebrew  gracious   
Yadon  male  Hebrew  he will judge   
Yakov  male  Hebrew, Russian  the supplanter, held by the heel   
Yan  male  Hebrew  God's grace  Yann, Yannic, Yanni 
Yanira  female  Hebrew     
Yanis  male  Hebrew  God's gift  Yannis 
Yarin  male  Hebrew  to understand   
Yavonna  female  Hebrew     
Ydel  female  Hebrew  praise  Yidel 
Yehudi  male  Hebrew  praise god, a man from Judah, a jew  Yehuda 
Yemena  female  Hebrew     
Yeshaya  male  Hebrew     
Yesmina  female  Hebrew  right hand, strength   
Yevon  female  Hebrew     
Yoninah  female  Hebrew  dove  Yonina 
Yovela  female  Hebrew  rejoicing   
Zabulon  male  Hebrew  to exhalt, honor   
Zaccheo  male  Hebrew  the one God remembers  Zaccheus 
Zachary  male  Hebrew  God remembers, renowned by God  Zacharias, Zakary, Zacarius, Zaccaria, Zachariah, Zechairah, Zackry, Zach, Zack, Zak, Zacharie, Zaccaria, Zacharyah 
Zakai  male  Aramaic, Hebrew  innocent, one who is pure  Zakkai 
Zakia  female  Hebrew  bright, pure   
Zalia  female  Hebrew     
Zambda  female  Hebrew  meditation   
Zamir  male  Hebrew     
Zan  female  Hebrew    Zanette 
Zane  male  Hebrew, Old English  God's grace, sea-friend  Zain 
Zann  male  Hebrew     
Zara  female  Hebrew, Arabic  glow  Zarah, Zarry, Zari, Zerlinda 
Zayden  male  Hebrew     
Zayit  female  Hebrew     
Zaza  female  Hebrew, Arabic  movement, flowery   
Zazu  male  Hebrew  movement   
Zeanes  female  Hebrew     
Zebulon  male  Hebrew  home   
Zedekiah  male  Hebrew  justice of the lord  Zed 
Zee  female  Hebrew    Zeela, Zella, Zelmora, Zelnora 
Zehava  female  Hebrew  golden   
Zelpha  female  Hebrew    Zilpha 
Zenoa  male  Hebrew     
Zephan  male  Hebrew  treasured by God   
Zerlinda  female  Hebrew  beautiful dawn   
Zeruah  female  Hebrew     
Zethel  female  Hebrew     
Zev  male  Hebrew, Hindu  deer, wolf  Zvi, Zevie, Zivia, Ziva, Zeva 
Zevida  female  Hebrew  gift   
Zhalore  female  Hebrew     
Zia  female  Hebrew, Latin  to tremble, a kind of grain   
Ziahon  female  Hebrew     
Ziff  male  Hebrew  wolf   
Zila  female  Hebrew  shadow   
Zion  male  Hebrew  a sign   
Ziona  female  Hebrew  a sign   
Zisel  female  Hebrew  sweet  Zysel 
Zita  female  Hebrew, Persian  the seeker; virgin   
Ziv  male  Hebrew  very bright   
Zoland  male  Hebrew     
Zoleen  female  Hebrew     
Zonda  female  Hebrew     
Zula  female  Hebrew     
Zuriel  female  Hebrew  God is my rock   
Zurl  male  Hebrew     

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