Italian Baby Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Similiar Names
Andria  female  Italian  love, joy  Andreea 
Bambi  female  Italian  child   
Belinda  female  Spanish, Italian  beautiful snake  Belynda, Belle, Linda, Blinda 
Belladonna  female  Italian  beautiful woman  Bella, Bel 
Bianca  female  Italian  white  Biancha, Blanche, Blancha, Blanca 
Caprice  female  Italian  fanciful, unpredictable   
Carina  female  Latin, Italian  a keel, beloved, dear  Karina, Caryn, Carynn 
Dante  male  Italian  lasting   
Delanna  female  Italian  soft as wool  Delana 
Donata  female  Italian  gift from god   
Donna  female  Italian  lady  Dona, Domina, Madonna 
Esta  female  Italian  from the east   
Farfalla  female  Italian  butterfly  Farfa, Faffa, Fafylena, Lena, Lina, Faffelina, Lyna, Fafelyna, Fafelina 
Fiorenza  female  Italian  flower   
Giacinta  female  Italian  hyacinth   
Gianina  female  Italian  god is gracious   
Mariabella  female  Italian  my beautiful Mary  Mariabelle, Maribel, Maribelle 
Mia  female  Italian  mine   
Mona  female  Latin, Greek, Gaelic, Italian  peaceful; individual; noble one; my lady   
Napoleon  male  Greek, Italian  lion of the woods; from the city of Naples  Nappie, Nappy, Nap, Leon, Leo 
Nek  male  Italian    Neko 
Neroli  unisex  Italian  orange blossom  Nerolia, Nerolie, Neroly, Nerole 
Nino  male  Italian  God is gracious  Ninoshka 
Pancrazio  male  Italian  supreme ruler, all powerful   
Prima  female  Italian  first one   
Primo  male  Italian  first one  Prime 
Quorra  female  Italian  heart   
Rocco  male  Italian  rest   
Romana  female  Italian  from Rome  Romy, Roma 
Romeo  male  Italian  pilgrim to Rome  Rome, Roman, Romain 
Santo  male  Italian  a saint  Santos 
Sidonia  female  Italian  from Sidonia   
Sienna  female  Italian  reddish brown   
Taddeo  male  Italian  courageous, one who praises   
Tancredo  male  Italian  of thoughtful counsel  Tancrede 
Tessa  female  Italian  countess   
Trilby  female  Italian  one who sings musical thrills   
Ugo  male  Italian  Bright in mind and spirit   
Varanese  female  Italian     
Venetia  female  Italian  from Venice   
Zanebono  male  Italian  the good one   
Zanipolo  male  Italian  little gift of God   
Zola  female  Italian  ball of earth   

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Diletta - 2 years ago
0 0 0
I'm Italian and I actually never heard most of this names... "Farfalla" means "Butterfly", but it is referred sometimes to lady parts, so no one calls a girl "Farfalla"... "Quorra" does not mean "heart", "Cuore" does... (anyway it's not a name). And above all, "Bambi" is the name of the animated movie, not of an Italian person... Do an accurate research if you have to spread informations... #1

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