Norse Baby Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Similiar Names
Astrid  female  Greek, Old Norse  star, super strength, divine strength  Astera, Astred, Asta, Astyr 
Dale  unisex  Old Norse, English  valley  Dal, Dallan, Dallen, Dallin, Dalton 
Erika  female  Old Norse, Old English, Old German  ever-powerful  Erica, Eryka, Ericka, Enrica 
Floke  male  Teutonic, Norse  guardian of the people   
Flos  female  Norse  chieftain   
Gamble  male  Norse  old   
Gareth  male  Welsh, Norse, Old French  gentle; enclosure; watchful  Garth, Garret, Garrett, Garreth, Gareth, Garit, Gary, Garry, Gar 
Geir  male  Norse  spear   
Hakan  male  Norse, Turkish  noble, fiery   
Haldis  female  Teutonic, Norse  stone spirit; reliable, assistant   
Hale  unisex  Old English, Old Norse  hero; army ruler   
Igor  male  Norse  hero   
Kelby  male  Old Norse  from the farm by the springs   
Kerr  male  Norse  marshland  Keir, Kirby 
Kirk  male  Old Norse  from the church  Kirkley, Kirkwood, Kirby, Kurk, Kirkus 
Lamont  male  Norse  lawyer   
Lang  male  Old English, Old Norse  long, tall  Langdon, Langford, Langley, Langston, Langhorne, Langtry 
Leif  male  Old Norse  beloved   
Magne  male  Norse  fierce warrior   
Nessa  female  Old Norse  headland  Nesa, Nissa, Nessie 
Oda  female  Norse  small pointed spear   
Oddvar  male  Norse  the spear's point   
Odin  male  Norse  head God in Norse mythology   
Olaf  male  Old Norse  talisman, ancestor  Olav, Olof, Olin, Olen, Olie 
Olive  female  Old Norse, Latin, Old French  kind one; olive tree, peace  Olivia, Olivya, Olivette, Ollie, Olly, Olva, Livia, Livy, Liv, Livvy, Nollie, Nola 
Oliver  male  Old Norse, Latin, Old French  kind one; olive tree, peace  Olivier, Olivero, Olley, Olly, Ollie, Noll, Nolly 
Oscar  male  Old Norse  divine spear  Osgood, Oskar, Oszkár 
Ove  unisex  Norse  awe, the spear's point   
Ragnar  male  Norse  a wise leader   
Ragnhild  female  Norse  one who is wise in battle   
Raynard  male  Old German, Old Norse  brave one; mighty army  Raynard, Renard, Reinhard, Raynor, Reinhart, Rinehart, Renaud, Reynaud, Reynart, Reyner, Rey 
Ronald  male  Old Norse  mighty  Ronnie, Ronny, Ron, Renaldo, Ronan, Naldo 
Ronalda  female  Old Norse  mighty   
Roscoe  male  Old Norse  from the deer forest   
Sigrid  female  Old Norse  winning adviser  Sigrath, Sigwald, Sigurd 
Skipp  male  Old Norse  ship owner  skipper, skippy, skip 
Sutherland  male  Norse  from the southern land  Sutton, Sutcliff, Suffield, Sundy 
Terje  male  Norse  of Thor's spear   
Thor  male  Old Norse  thunder  Thorbert, Thordis, Tor, Soren, Sören, Søren 
Thora  female  Old Norse  thunder  Thordia, Tora 
Thurston  male  Norse  Thor's stone  Thurstin, Turstan 
Torsten  male  Norse  the stone of Thor   
Turpin  male  Old Norse  thunder-Finn   
Unni  unisex  Norse  modest   
Valda  female  Old Norse  spirited warrior   
Yngvar  male  Norse  of Ing's army  Ingvarr 

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