Scottish Baby Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Similiar Names
Ainsley  female  Scottish  my meadow  Aynsley, Ainsly, Ainslee, Ainsworth 
Akira  unisex  Scottish, Japanese  anchor   
Alastair  male  Scottish  protector of mankind, defender, helper  Alistair, Alistaire, Alastaire, Alister, Alaster, Alasdair 
Athol  male  Scottish  place name  Avery 
Baird  male  Scottish  minstrel  Bard 
Bairn  male  Scottish  child   
Bonnie  female  Scottish  sweet and good  Bonny, Boni, Boniface, Bonita 
Bruce  male  French, Scottish  thicket, woodlands   
Camden  male  Scottish  from the winding valley   
Chalmers  male  Scottish  son of the lord   
Dallas  male  Scottish  place name, wise   
Davis  male  Scottish  David's son   
Douglas  male  Scottish  from the dark water  Douglass, Doug, Dougie, Dugan, Dougal, Dugald 
Finlay  male  Scottish, English  fair heroe, sunbeam  Finn, Finnie, Finny, Finian, Finley, Fyn, Fynn, Finnian 
Grear  female  Scottish  watchful   
Kenneth  male  Gaelic, Scottish, Old English  handsome; born of fire; royal oath  Ken, Kevin, Kennet, Kenny, Kenney, Kenn 
Laird  male  Scottish  lord, landed gentry   
Leith  male  Scottish  wide river  Leathan 
Lennox  male  Scottish  amid the lems, from the field of elm trees  Lenox, Lenix, Lennie, Lenny, Len 
Leslie  female  Scottish, Old English  dweller in the gray castle; small meadow  Lesley, Lesly, Les, Lee 
Logan  unisex  Scottish  little hollow   
Mac  male  Scottish, Irish, English  son of   
Maisie  female  Scottish  child of light  Maisy, Maysie, Mysie, Mazey, Maizie 
Malcom  male  Scottish  disciple of Saint Columbia  Mal, Colm 
Manhattan  female  Old English, Scottish  Whiskey  Manny, Manda, Maisie 
Minna  female  Old German, Scottish, Hebrew  love; mother; bitterness  Mina, Minette, Minetta, Minda, Myna, Mindy 
Monroe  male  Celtic, Scottish  mouth of the Roe River; wheelwright  Munroe, Munro, Monro 
Murdock  male  Scottish  victorious at sea  Murdoch, Murtagh 
Nairne  unisex  Scottish  from the narrow river glade   
Ogilvy  male  Old Scottish  from the high peak  Ogilvie, Gil, Gilie, Gilly 
Ross  male  Scottish, Anglo-Saxon  from the peninsula; horse  Rossano, Roswald 
Tavis  male  Scottish  twin  Tevis, Tav, Tavish, Tamsin 
Tearlach  male  Scottish     
Tormod  male  Scottish     
Uilleam  male  Scottish     
Uisdean  male  Scottish     
Vanora  female  Scottish  white wave   

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Ruth - 2 years ago
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I was adopted as a baby in 1948 and loved my adopted family very much. They, in turn loved and cared for me so much. I was accepted by my parents' extended family as well. I knew I was adopted from early on and always considered my adopted family as my parents. Lucky for me, they had kept a copy of my original birth certificate and after all these years, I was able to locate a brother by way of! I still love my adopted family who are deceased and I am an only child. #1

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